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At ALAC, Academy of Leadership and Applied Communications, we are dedicated to empowering minds for today’s market challenges. Our hands-on approach to learning will give any professional a head start in their field of expertise.

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We live in a world that is constantly changing. Any professional working in journalism, the media, politics, management, or PR communications knows that the ability to deal with rapid change comes from experience rather than a textbook. At ALAC, we draw on some of the most up to date methods in practice-based learning in order to provide our students with the skills to become tomorrow’s innovative thinkers. Our courses are taught by some of the world’s leading experts who are attentive to the needs of professionals working in a rapidly changing world.

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The future belongs to the bold

How could better communication efficiency impact upon your team’s performance?

You have a finger on the pulse of the story, but how would you write the most captivating headline?

How do you inspire your team to transform the goals of today into the actions of tomorrow?

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The ALAC Experience August 4, 2016

It is based on experience. We have adopted a ‘hands-on’ approach, which in education lingo, is often referred to as constructivist teaching. The underlying philosophy in constructivist teaching is that there is no such thing as a passive learner.

Success of hands-on learning August 4, 2016

Constructivist teaching is fast becoming one of the most important methods of educating around the world. ALAC is dedicated to working within this paradigm of constructive teaching, drawing on the expertise of industry professionals who utilize the approach in teaching as well as designing their curriculum. Students leave market ready and empowered with experience.