About Us

ALAC is committed to providing education techniques that encourage students to become actively involved in their learning. We want students to learn through experience rather than simply from a textbook. The academy is government certified and offers diplomas in subjects related to Media, Journalism, Public Relations, and Leadership. It was Dr. May Chidiac who established ALAC when she saw the need of developing practice orientated academies in Lebanon.

“I met so many ambitious and talented young graduates at the MCFMI. However many of them were sorely lacking in experience. In fact, that was why they were attending the workshops and seminars offered at MCFMI in the first place.

In academia, learning is often very theory based and students graduate with little, if any, preparation for the workplace. I became concerned about these apparent disparities between academia and industry.

I therefore created ALAC, a practice-based academy, as a first step toward bridging this gap between academia and the demands of the industry. We are living in a constantly changing world and as competition in the job market grows even fiercer, the more essential become academies and institutes like ALAC that are dedicated to empowering professionals.”


ALAC continues to promote MCFMI’s ethical values for working within media, journalism and leadership in Lebanon. When Dr. Chidiac started ALAC, she specifically had in mind the aim to forge closer ties between academia and industry. She did so, by grounding her expertise firmly within education as well as designing a hands-on approach to learning as part of the curriculum.


ALAC was born out of the vision to empower professionals with the skills to advance in their careers. We believe that ALAC is one of the major stepping-stones in any professional’s journey to success. By igniting minds through active learning we are creating a vision for enlightening the future.


At ALAC, we understand the importance of ‘hands on learning’ and the strong advantages these education methods have for students wishing to work in Media, Journalism and Leadership. We take our practice-based courses very seriously. Empowering minds for impact does not just mean that train students how to simply work in their chosen profession. Here at ALAC, we teach students how to become the innovative thinkers in their field. We are also acutely aware there are less than a handful of courses available in Lebanon that allow students to learn through experience–––and yet, active learning has become the main model of education around the world. ALAC provides students with the most up to date practical based approaches to learning. The courses we offer in Media, PR and Leadership are led by leading global experts in their field.
As such, ALAC is fast becoming a regional hub for practical based learning.

Our Trainers

ALAC works with some the world’s leading experts in their industry. Whether they are professionals in media, politics, journalism, communications or public relations, our instructors offer some of the most invaluable of insights into their profession, and support ALAC’s students to establish their own personal networks in the industry within local, regional and international arenas.

Our Advisory Board

The members of our advisory board are prominent and prestigious figures in the industry dedicated to ALAC’s mission and vision to empowering minds. Our board steers the vision of ALAC providing strategic advice, good governance and safeguarding the values of the academy. Quality assurance is central to the board’s role, and our members monitor closely the achievements, standards of teaching and safety within the academy.


Diploma & Tuition

ALAC is certified by the Lebanese government and offers affordable diplomas in the following subjects: Public Relations - Online Journalism - TV Broadcasting - TV Presenting - Radio Production - Communication and Public Speaking - Management - Photography - Graphic Design - Marketing

Tuition fees are set per diploma. The 120 hours, 3 months program is $1800. Payment facilities apply. Please contact us for further information.