Being on TV has always been a dream for a lot of people, especially young professionals who have recently graduated, and have a passion for journalism and TV appearances. Yet, not anyone can get there easy, and if he or she gets to what he or she aims for, being a TV presenter, not everyone succeeds at it.

What makes you a good TV presenter? Can anyone BE a good TV presenter? In order to achieve that, a person has to have some basic and highly important skills and qualifications for the pre-presenting, post-presenting and during presenting.



  • Love what you do:

You can never succeed in any career you aim to, unless you love what you do. Whether it is marketing, nursing or even TV presenting, a person shall love what he or she does, and should have passion in his or her job in order to achieve more.

  • Respect your crew:

A basic yet important rule: always respect your crew. Even though it is only you who appears on the screen, those behind the scenes have a great influence on your appearance.

  • Always be on time:

It might sound ridiculous, but a presenter has to always be on time. And on time doesn’t mean to be there minutes before you go on air. Being on time means that you should be there and have enough time to rehearse and prepare yourself before going on air.

  • Read, read and read again:

Knowledge is the key. Whether you are a news anchor or a presenter of a social program or any kind of program, reading is very important. In a fast moving world, news can change within minutes. Always being up to date with what is happening around you is extremely important.

During presenting:


  • Think before you speak:

As said before, preparations are very important. Yet, it doesn’t mean that on-spot incidences won’t take place. Always think before you speak. Being a presenter means that hundreds or even thousands are watching you speak, and this large number is paying attention to every word you say.

  • Be confident:

“Owning the stage” or in that case “owning the screen” is what makes you remarkable. Having a strong and confident personality are very important: you will do better, and people will be eager to listen to you.

  • Have excellent written and oral communication skills:

You don’t want the audience to misunderstand you. For that, a good TV presenter has excellent written and oral communication skills to better deliver the message.

  • Have a good, clear and neat voice:

Voice coach Elspeth Morrison says that “the first tip for presenters on radio and television is to sound like you mean what you’re saying”.

Giving the best out of your voice is a key player in TV presenting. Always sound relaxed and don’t pressure yourself to speak louder.

Always have a bottle of water next to you. Keeping yourself hydrated and your voice moist is definitely going to help you achieve more.

  • Work under stress:

Among the most important tips for being a good TV presenter is to know how to handle a stressful situation. A person usually can’t control himself or herself under pressure, but a TV presenter should. Learn how to manage yourself, how to take quick and wise decisions and how to naturally take control on things before they slip out of your hands.



  • Evaluate yourself:

You won’t do better if you don’t criticize yourself. No job is done perfectly, and criticism by your entourage, the public and most importantly by yourself, is inevitable on your path to success.

  • Never tell yourself you have arrived:

Are you satisfied with yourself? Where do you want to be in the future? Always aim higher and higher; the key to success is to look upon yourself.