This course will get the students to work on hands-on projects based on real-world design scenarios. The students will learn to choose and use the best techniques for common Photoshop jobs including selecting and isolating objects, creating image composites, masking and vignetting images, setting typography, and improving images with retouching and effects.

Fundamentals of Typography

The course introduces students to Arabic and Latin type and typography, providing the necessary historical, theoretical and technical knowledge, in combination with applied exercises and projects, which aim to enrich the graphic designer’s typographic skills. The course is focused on the micro aesthetics of typography and its communicative potential; it begins with building an understanding and sensitivity to the formal and structural characteristics of letters, type styles and related classification, and gradually moves to basics of choosing, combining and working with type to enhance composition, meaning and readability.

Visual Communication & Semiotics

Intensive study and analysis, through illustrated lectures, of visual forms of information and communication. Upon a foundation of the history of graphic forms of communication, semiotics, philosophy, and media analysis, students study the basics of theory and iconography languages to understand visual information resources in society in general and specifically in libraries and archives.


The goal of this course is to explore fundamental techniques in Photoshop. Ideal for students eager to explore Photoshop, work with layer techniques, gain an understanding of how to do basic photo repairs and color enhancements. Group critiques are also included.

Mise en Page/Layout

The course will explore the aesthetics of integrating text with image. Students will learn basic design and layout principles for creating print documents as well as innovative digital magazines and newspapers. Through the use of efficient industry workflows, students will master effective layout design and production techniques.