Social Media Techniques

This course is about getting the right tools and insights on how to use social media platforms for journalism, business purposes, as well as for personal communication goals. The course will also give trainees updates on new platforms and the companies developing them.

Online News Writing

The course will give the trainees an overview on online journalism, how it developed, its history and what are its main characteristics and components, with a comparison with conventional journalism. The course will also provide trainees with tips on how to develop their content while writing online news and how to interact with the public in dynamic writing styles, the language being english or arabic.

Fact checking and data analysis

In this course, trainees will learn the skills and knowledge needed to fact check and analyze data. They will learn why it matters, what to fact-check and how to do it. They will learn how to identify credible sources and how to find reliable and inexpensive information on and offline.

Basic Photography

The course will teach trainees the basics of the art of photography and how it is used to send a message via visual tools. It will also guide through available tools and tips to verify the authenticity of images, as well as legal and cultural issues pertaining to the subject.

Podcasting and Videocasting

This course will give an introduction to the art of creating audio or video programs as a dynamic alternative for your communication. Podcasts and videocasts are quickly evolving. Trainees will learn about new available tools on the web, and how to master those in order to reach new audiences on new platforms.