This course will help the trainees learn how to speak for different types of programs. The trainees will conduct exercises on pronunciation in Arabic and English, and they will learn the phonetics of both languages.

TV News Presenting

This course is a full practical course covering all essential key areas of news presenting, introducing the whole concept and tackling the techniques and tools to ensure the right structuring fundamentals to a successful TV presenter. The aim of this course is to help trainees master the art of presenting in a television setting, interact with camera and read auto cue, deal with studio and cope with technical team. This course will also tackle how to deal with live news.

TV Programs & Talk Shows

This course will give tips to trainees for preparing, hosting, and executing TV programs and talk shows. The aim of this course is to help trainees master the art of interviewing in a journalistic setting. They will learn about researching and preparing for their interview, types of interviewing, the keys to host preparation, different ways to ask questions and vote-taking techniques. They will also develop practical skills for communicating clear, unrehearsed answers.

TV Appearance

In this course, trainees will learn to develop physical and technical skills, prepare content and deliver it clearly. You will learn to master your non verbal communication presented on TV, depending on the type of show, with a special emphasis on look and style skills.

TV Ethics and Standards

Ethics play a very important role in the media. With the freedom of expression and digital media age, trainees will learn the most essential rules and standards for public editorial TV. We will discuss ethical approaches in communication on TV and analyze the codes of ethics of national and international media.